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When Is It Time To Give Puppy Back To Breeder?

This is a situation that a breeder never wants to find themselves in. It’s not only heartbreaking for the breeder but very confusing for the puppy.

However, today we are having to deal with this dilemma. Right now as I’m writing this, I find myself at a loss for words. I can’t see where a puppy of 15 weeks would be a problem. The owners are considering returning one of our puppy’s. There might be a few of you reading this and know, I inform you about the Border Collie breed, to help you understand the issues you might face. I look at the BC as an advanced breed of dog.

One issue you might face with owning a BC puppy is nipping/gripping, following very closely behind you, and at times staring you down. These behaviors are NOT bad breeding but hardwired in the breed. Also, BC’s are hyper sensitive to sound(s) this is why it’s important to introduce your puppy to a variety of environmental noises (not over stimulate), in order to desensitize the puppy to uncomfortable everyday sounds. This too, is not abnormal. In this case you need to redirect the dog to a safe zone.

I never want any of our puppy’s to end up a statistic, and I have said this many times nor do, I want our clients to be unhappy.

As the breeder I will defend puppy and he is not to blame.

One of the reasons the client is considering returning the puppy, is because puppy has demonstrated these behaviors, I listed above. The new owners are incompetent, and believe the puppy wasn’t trained enough. At the initial consultation (vetting process) he told me, “I have done extensive research on the Border Collie and believe this is the right breed for my family.” I did tell him, “An online search isn’t the same as owning a Border Collie.” Perhaps some of you have heard me say this to you, too. He provided very promising answers in writing through Good Dog that impressed me along with a very encouraging conversation via phone that they would train puppy and provide outside training if need be. I did not give him an answer immediately, and I prayerfully considered him and his family in a thoughtful manner. However, you can’t vet liars. I researched him (business etc..) as I do ALL of my potential clients, that share this with me and he panned out.

Training that I provided: Leash training, putting his toys away (I will post video), recall was good, crate trained, began to sit for food and wait, potty training was strong. He had demonstrated strong interest in agility.

Good Dog has been in communication with this individual and have encouraged him as I have to reach out to a trainer in his area but it appears he has refused their advice as he did mine that was similar to GD’s.

I will answer my title question: “You shouldn’t return a puppy to the breeder if you haven’t tried.”

I will keep you informed as I receive information regarding Major.

Hoping for Happy Tails 🐾

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