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Bordoodle (F1) puppies:  $1,500


Currently accepting reservations for this year’s litter:  $500 non-refundable deposit required to secure your place in line.  

Interested parties should complete our puppy adoption application (available below) and send to


We will reach out to schedule a conversation, and once approved, we will invoice for the deposit.

Available Puppies

Male One

Solid black with wavy coat

DOB 4/28/24

Birth Weight 2.21

Current Weight 9.3 lbs

Female Two - Sold

Black & white with black spot on head.

DOB 4/28/24

Birth Weight 2.02

Current Weight 8.3 lbs

Female Three - Sold

Solid black with 3 white tipped feet

DOB 4/28/24

Birth Weight 2.28

Current Weight 8.25 lbs

Female One - Sold

Black & white, white collar, white strip on rump, white flag on tail.

DOB 4/28/24

Birth Weight 1.9

Current Weight 8.5 lbs