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Farm Fresh Eggs  ($8.00 per dz)

Eggs are mixed sizes and fresh from the henhouse.  We have a variety of chicken breeds, so the colors are varied.  In the carton, they become a random work of art created by the only One who could create this kind of beauty.  Hens are free range and lay in a clean, roll away style, environment.  We are a licensed wholesale egg distributor by the state of SC.  License #1641

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Free Range Whole Chicken  

($7.00 per LB.)

You won’t find this kind of chicken at your supermarket.  These chickens are free range where they can feed on insects, grasses, as well as high quality feed.  They are not pumped full of growth hormones and kept in tiny cages.  Priced higher than a typical supermarket chicken and worth every penny.  You will taste the difference.


 ($5.00 per chick)

These baby chickens are hatched on our farm, and ready to grow into layers or roosters on yours.  Not many local farms offer chicks, so people have to get their chicks from the local farm store or order them online.  Get them while they last.  They don’t stay small for long!

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Goose Eggs

(Coming Soon!)

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