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Video: Puppy Feeding Time, "Sit, Stay, Wait, Okay"

Mealtime Boundaries: It's important to establish boundaries with your puppy right when you get her home. Mealtime is a great start. Since, animals are very food oriented, and food is viewed by the animal as survival. Keep in mind that the puppy (most likely), had to compete for his place at the dinner "table," when he was with his family. So this might be why puppies will scarf down their feed as if it's their last and final meal. So you will need to develop trust with the puppy/dog and train them to understand that, "I'm not going to starve you."

What Can Happen If Puppy Eats To Fast: This is not good for the puppy. Eating too fast can hurt the puppy's stomach, and this can result in vomiting and hence your puppy is hungry- again.

Divide one meal in half...offer smaller portions to begin with and wait a couple of minutes, then offer the rest of her feed to her. This has always worked for us, and as of today we have not experienced animal to human food aggression. Very seldom our dogs will fight one another for food, but this is not a common occurence.

Don't wait too long: Do not wait until puppy is crying/whining for her food. Feeding the puppy sooner (30'ish minutes earlier) than later is best. This can build trust in your relationship with the dog.

Please, develop trust with your puppy during mealtime: Especially if you have a voracious eater. This can unfortunately translate into food aggression. If your puppy growls at you during feeding time, this is a sign your puppy is already demonstrating aggressive feeding habits, and should not be allowed.

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