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So You Want A Border Collie?

Information about the Border Collie breed.

Border Collies were bred for herding to bring down sheep in the rocky landscape and to control the flock for the shepherd. This, of course, is still very common in countries where sheep are still in demand for commercial use(s).

Small farms like ours use them too. Either to keep the sheep together, to separate a ram or two, or to bring back the occasional rogue sheep. Border Collies will occasionally bite the sheep on the ear or hind quarters to “push” the animal in the direction it needs to go. They shouldn’t be allowed to harm the animal, but at times, it does result in the dog breaking the skin of the sheep. This should never be encouraged. Again, at times it does happen.

This breed is best suited to the very energetic individual, or family, with older children (that are past the teasing stage).

Modern Dog Magazine: “Border Collies are a good choice for farmers, ranchers, country dwellers, and marathon runners who understand the importance of including their four-legged friend in their day-to-day activity, whether that be herding, farm chores, jogging, hiking, swimming, or riding shotgun in the family car.”

They, nor I recommend apartment dwelling with the "occasional" walk.

Constant stimulation for the Border Collie is extremely necessary in order to keep the dog mentally and emotionally healthy. If you don’t appropriately exercise your BC, this can result in very unhealthy, destructive behavior or obsessive, compulsive and unwanted issues that you could have controlled.

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