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Snacks, Snacks And More Snacks!!

We are a society that loves food. Most of us celebrate special occasions

with our favorite yummy recipes. Food makes us happy and we want to

share our delectable foods with those that we love, and enjoy spending

time with. In some countries, families will make daily treks to graves and

offer food to their beloved family members that are deceased. Food is

important to all cultures around the world, so why not our pets!

However, let's use good judgement when offering our doggies treats. You might say,

"Well it's an apple, or it's a nice piece of cheese!" When we watch our

dogs enjoying our offerings (usually people food) it makes us smile.

One of the main reasons we overfeed our dogs is because we humanize

our pets. Food makes us happy and we believe this is the same for our

pets. Keep in mind that when the wild dog/wolf, that our modern dogs

descended from, ate they ate for survival not for "pleasure." Feeding our

pets too much of a good thing can potentially increase their chances of

illnesses that could have been prevented (i.e.,diabetes, cancer, etc.).

In a previous post, I mentioned the percentage of treats that veterinarians

recommend for pets and it doesn't add up to a typical daily consumption

of said treat(s). Please, take into account the snacks you feed your pet with her daily meal allowance.

It's okay to indulge our pets with yummy snacks every now and again, but

as I said, let's use good judgement.

This "Body Condition System" guide, that my veterinarian recommended,

has come in handy for me; when I'm noticing visible changes in our dogs

body condition. Follow it up with the "hands on" test. Run your hands

down your pets back, beginning with the shoulders and working your way

down its spine and hips. If you can feel its shoulders/hips protruding,

chances are you should increase your dogs intake of PET food, or if you

can visibly see her/his spine or ribs, this is truly a sign to step up its feed.

Keep in mind some breeds, like the Saluki, Whippet, Greyhounds etc.,

naturally have the "super-model," body. However, for these type breeds

and others like them, it's in their genetics to be thin.

As always please, consult your own veterinarian, when you are in doubt

regarding your dogs weight and/or eating habits.

Happy Tails 🐾

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