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Registration For Your Bordoodle Puppy

If you are interested in a registration for your cross breed dog, you as the owner can do this at anytime.  Don’t fall into the trap that some breeders try and sell you, (i.e., registration for your cross bred puppy, and X amount of dollars).  Our sire  (AKC Poodle, Baxter) and dam (ABCA Border Collie, Ivy), are both registered.

American Kennel Club: AKC, offers a registration program for non-purebred dogs in order for you and your dog to participate in and compete with other non breed specific dogs. The various competitions, allow you to spot light the dogs abilities and your hard work as an owner.  Short list of the competitions; barn hunt, dock diving, therapy dogs etc.

Such Fun! This is quite exciting for me, since I know their (Bordoodle) trainability as a breeder/trainer, and owner of a Bordoodle. Olivia (Bordoodle) playing in our agility park.

Registration: I as a Bordoodle breeder, will not file the registration on your behalf. It may take up to a year or more before you decide on an activity, you and your dog find of interest.

Final Note: Again, this (AKC), offers dog owners a great opportunity to show off their non breed specific pups unique skills.

Happy Tails 🐾

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