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Queen Elizabeth II (1926-2022) And Her Royal Dogs

As an American, I have been interested in the Royals for close to 40 years. My interest began when Diana Spencer came on the scene. I believe for many Americans our curiosity stems from our country’s history, and the thought of what our “America,” might look like if we had never separated ourselves from the monarchy. Having said that, I feel the need to calm those of you down who may be thinking I’m a traitor to my country - relax, I’m very proud to be an American despite all our warts, we still have a wonderful country.

I will have to say that I have been saddened by the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. She demonstrated what I believed a Queen should resemble. She brought the days of regal mystery of days gone by into modernity for all to see, and it was fascinating.

After her passing, I was curious what would become of her lovely Corgis. I remember when her Majesty made the announcement, in 2018, that she would no longer breed her Corgis. I have to admit this was sad to hear. Her walking with her pups made Queen Elizabeth seem as though I could carry on a conversation with her about my favorite subject (dogs), that bridged a gap of commonality.

Earlier in 2021, prior to Prince Philip’s passing away, she was gifted two Corgi pups. One was a full breed Corgi named Muick, whilst the other was a Dorgi, (Corgi/Dachshaud) named Fergus, which was named after the Queen’s uncle. Sources said that her Corgis and her mixed pup brought comfort to the Queen after the passing of her husband the Prince.

How wonderful to think that even the Queen of England was able to find comfort and solace that only a silent, furry companion could bring, and for 85 years she found the joys that only a dog can add to anyone of our lives. Queen Elizabeth viewed her dogs as confidants and the dogs didn’t see her majesty as unapproachable or say, “Stop peeing on the carpet the Queen is coming!”

I have said several times, “dogs judge us from the inside out,” and it’s no different for these royal pups. They saw Her Majesty’s heart not her crown that she wore upon her head nor the scepter she carried.

Today, the Corgi breed is synonymous with her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Also, her precious puppies were willed to Her son Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson (former wife).

Respective of the passing of the Queen, may we offer our condolences as respectable Americans and mimic our British friends by saying, “Long Live The King,” and even though the Queen is no longer here, may her memory live on and we shall say, “Long Live The Queen Within Our Hearts and Minds!”

🇬🇧 🐾

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