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Puppy Patience!

No doubt you and puppy have bonded by now; you’re over the frustrating potty training, leash training (where YOU are walking the dog), crate training etc..and their desire to chew on EVERYTHING! Has ended 😀

Keep in mind, puppy will continue to test your mettle. I’m sure you have not encouraged play chewing or playing tug of war games early on in puppy’s first few days 😉 because this just might come back to “bite” you when puppy starts her/his adolescence stage.

As a trainer, and many dog trainers will agree, when training a puppy in its “infancy,” we are training a canine, and the breed so to speak, this isn’t always easy, but it’s what we do and if training has been successful, and it usually is, we are rewarded by not only positive behavior from puppy, but also their human’s gratitude. When I have trained older dogs 6+ months, I typically find that I am working the human owner’s temperament out of the dog. This is a challenge. Many times, it takes much longer to exercise negative behavior(s) out of the dog and for it to overcome the problems because they are a result of human error(s) that your loving puppy has adopted from you in order to please you.

Do your best to break problematic issues now - don’t wait! It’ll only get much more difficult as puppy gets older.

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