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Please No Window Shopping! Serious Buyers ONLY!

This puppy season we have sold 4 puppies from Ivy's litter which we are so very blessed to have her beautiful puppies in loving homes.

However, this puppy season has proven to be quite disappointing too. I have received several people "interested" in our puppies but the potential "clients," in many cases are mainly interested in wasting my time. I have a strong sense for this. Gil and I run a small breeding program, and have very few dam's (Bronwyn just had her last litter), we don't have 50 dogs for you to choose from nor will I negotiate on price, and NO! I will not sell ALL of our puppies to you!


Gil (husband) still works a daily outside job. I run and operate the farm among other things during the course of the day/week.

Moving forward- I will begin our call by asking, "Are you a serious buyer? or Are you shopping around?" During this puppy season, I have probably been contacted by no less than 20 people that have resulted in zero, "real" interest. I communicate with the individual, provide them, with all of the information that is ALREADY accessible on various websites where we advertise. But after 2-4 hours on the phone (in many cases), and countless emails, I'm told, "I'm going to wait till the summer" or "We're going to focus on remodeling our house." Many times people are just wanting to get ideas for their own puppy breeding program.

I appreciate meeting new people and I welcome questions regarding our farm but please, be respectful of my time just like you want to be respected of yours.

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