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Part 2: Is It You or Is It Me?

Many times, people will assume that they bought/adopted a “broken” dog. I’m asked, “What do you think is wrong with him/her?” The questions I ask before I answer them are these: “Who did you obtain the dog from? Did you meet the parents? How did the dam's/sire's physical appearance look to you?” The coup de grâce: "How much research did you do before getting this specific breed?"

Technology has created a society of people called the Googlites; Definition: noun; A person that would prefer to lay in bed or sit on the sofa and tick, tick away on their devices versus actually talking to a human being about their interests (i.e., puppies, cars, house [believe it or not] vacation etc.) or doing some old-fashioned research that just might require you to get out of the house. Many times, we look for positive information on the internet and ignore the negative reviews when our heart wants what it wants. This is fine if you’re looking for a kitchen appliance but not a pet.

Now this brings me to the topic of my blog. I can’t tell you how many full breed dog rescue societies there are here in the United States, do your own research I'm going to guess there are probably as many full breed rescue societies as there are breeds. Just type in your breed of choice. According to the ASPCA there is a staggering 65 million "companion animals that enter animal shelters every year," here in the US because the dog was "bad," and were surrendered just because a person watched a YouTube video and made the decision to buy a dog, and didn't invest in proper training. Sometimes a friend or family member has a very well behaved [insert breed here] that obeys and does everything but dress the kids! The person coveting their friend's/family's dog probably doesn’t take into consideration how many hours their friend may have spent to bring out these wonderful qualities....

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