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Our Past Bordoodle Litter

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My Experience: I can honestly say that the Bordoodle is a wonderful combination of calm and energy. These 2 traits are in equal measure from my own experience. However, our Bordoodle puppy families (adult dogs now!) have told me the same, regarding the dogs energy, and the dog(s) do not have issues forcusing, when it's time to leave the dog park or when company is visiting etc.

The breed itself has proven to exceed my expectations. Gil (husband) was the one that encouraged me to breed our Border Collie with Poodle. I am a hardcore Border Collie lover, and breeder. I appreciate the BC's energy with their problem solving skills. However, I have observed with our Poodle (not so much the high energy), his ability to problem solve, and their sensitivity to our emotions with their willingness to comfort when needed. Not everyone is qualified to own a Border Collie but the Bordoodle offers the average doggy owner a wonderful combination of two fantastic breeds that don't come with over the top energy level that might not always work with your lifestyle.

Note: I would not have bred the Bordoodle for a second time if I wasn't pleased with the out come from 3 years ago.

Poodle and Border Collie Intelligence Is Excellent: I understand the Border Collie, and yes the breed has exceptional intelligence. However, this breed is very difficult to manage and should be bred with caution. Don't assume ALL Border Collie's are created equal. You can get a real disaster if you buy a BC puppy without doing your own research of the breeder. The Poodle is also an intelligent dog breed and if not exercised daily they will find something to take their frustrations out on. Please, take into consideration their high prey drive; you can also end up with a mess. They (Poodle) have a reputation of biting (or can) out of frustration, so training is a must.

Combination Of The 2 Most Intelligent Breeds: I have been surprised by the intelligence in the Bordoodle. Training was not challenging at all. Our Poodle, Baxter potty training was easy, however our Border Collies not so much.

In a future blog: I will discuss the issues that I faced as a certified dog trainer, and how I handled some (very few), difficult training issues with our Bordoodle pup.

Happy Tails 🐾

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