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Our Lovely Hasna (English Mastiff)

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Our English Mastiff, Hasna her name means beauty and she demonstrated her beauty through a variety of ways, to many to mention, but one of her many virtues was kindness towards our new puppies on the farm.

September of 2020 during Rosh Hashanah, Hasna passed away. She had a quiet, gentle, kind spirit, and even thoughtful to human emotion(s). Never displayed aggression but exuded an energy of royal bearing that was only obvious to our resident canines. As a trainer, I could see the respect that they had for her, this gentle, lumbering, giant. How did she gain their respect? I have no idea but they saw it deep within her soul.

As a puppy she preferred non verbals versus audible commands, and throughout her life, I could count on one hand the times she used her voice (bark). Her massive frame was enough to demand respect.

One morning, shortly after her passing, I was looking out our kitchen window, and I clearly saw her walking towards her favorite spot in the yard, where we stack our firewood, for an instant, I thought her death was a bad dream, but reality swiftly turned my hope into sadness, and I began to cry. I’ve had vivid dreams of Hasna our sweet girl, and if dogs aren’t in heaven why does G-d let me visit with her memory. I believe that she is-in heaven. She brought us happiness and her sweet spirit is being rewarded by our Creator.

She never asked for anything of value but only to be fed, and even then she was patient with us. While she was alive, I at times forgot about her due to my many responsibilities. Childish as this may sound, deep down inside, I thought she wasn’t going anywhere she was here to stay. I wish now I would have been more thoughtful of her presence. However, through her passing, she's taught me to value our dogs, and I do more then ever.

Even though her physical presence is no longer here on earth her lovely memory is still alive and breathing within my heart and mind. ❤️

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