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My Ideal Home For Flora

Flora is a happy, well adjusted, 1 year old Standard Moyen (medium) Poodle

She is registered through AKC. We planned to use Flora for our breeding

program, but realized her frame was quite delicate and petite for what we were planning. We have had Flora since she was 6 weeks old, and have come to

realize that she would be best suited with a retired, active couple/individual that understands the maintenance that this breed requires. Plus, Flora loves to be around us and I would describe her as a Velcro dog.

We are also sizing down our breeding program, and needing to re-evaluate this side

of the business. She is trained, will wait for her food, and all basic puppy

training has been provided for Flora.

Flora's preferred activities: she loves playing chase with her doggy friends here

on the farm; she enjoys some agility training, but this isn't really her thing. Flora

in a nutshell is the quintessential poodle. She needs to be in a home

environment, and loved. Flora gets along well with dogs that are mature and

well trained.

Pets: Flora tolerates our indoor cats, she will lunge towards them, but I correct

immediately and she will then lay down on her bed. Flora does get along well

with dogs that are mature and well trained.

Pamper Me, Please! She enjoys grooming, but bathes are another story. She

puts up a "fight" jumping, trying to move towards a dry space 😊 and she then

finally relaxes. She loves to be massaged, and touched on her back and neck.

Flora is a sweet little puppy girl. I'm hoping that the right person will come along

and be respectful to Flora, and understand she is a companion dog who should

not be bred, misused or abused. We will have a contract that will have

specifications regarding Princess Flora.

Initial Price: $900 *If unable to pick up (within 24 hours) and once payment has

been received we will then charge a boarding fee of $65.00 a day this price

might be negotiable**

UTD on all vaccines, each month Flora and all of our dogs receive heart worm

tablets provided by our Veterinarians Pharmacy.

Happy Tails 🐾

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