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My Grief And My Therapy Dog Baxter

Updated: Jun 23

In a previous post, I mentioned the emotional support that Baxter (Standard Poodle) was able to provide for me in the past.  He stepped up to my “emotional plate” without even being asked.

On May 17, 2024, I received a phone call from a family member that my 39 year old daughter had been killed in a car accident.  I got pregnant in 1984 at the age of 17. My senior year of high school. I can’t express the deep surreal pain I experienced, and no words can be said.

Support From Strangers: I was surprised by the kindness of people that I had never met nor knew well - after finding out about my daughter.  This was lovely, and very touching.  Good Dog sent me flowers and a very sweet card.

So this brings me to my purpose for this post.  Baxter, again was here for me.  I remember for days I would hold on to him and cry my heart out to him. He just stood there and took it.  I was so touched by his actions, and honestly shocked. I fell on his neck and just let my tears flow.  Yet he would just sit there. He made a difference in my grieving, and he gave me a quiet place to rest my head upon and share my pain through my many, many tears. 

Ivy and Baxter’s Offspring: I’m discovering that at least 3 of their puppies are demonstrating their ability for human emotional support.  One is Rio (sold male), Female #2, and Female #3. I’m not saying this isn’t a trait the others might not develop when older, but at this moment these are the three I've seen this behavior in. Understand, not all dogs are created equal.  In an upcoming post, I will explain in some detail, why I believe they might have what it takes to be an emotional support dog.

Important Trait(s): Baxter is a compassionate companion, and very long suffering. As a professional dog trainer, I can’t express the importance of an emotional support dog.

Emotional Tails 🐾

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