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Meet Ivy… Again! Our Lovely Border Collie

In previous post, I have shared some lovely characteristics about Ivy that  has set her apart from our other dogs.  She is a fantastic companion not only to her humans but four footed family here on our farm.

Note: At times I will use human traits to describe Ivy and her partner Baxter (Poodle).

Pack Leader: Ivy holds the highest position within our pack (i.e., Alpha).  She is a force to be reckoned with IF she senses disruption in the pack.  This is usually instigated by Bronwyn (Border Collie), and Ivy will take control of the situation; either by running down the culprit, putting said dog on her back and of course growling, nipping (NEVER drawing blood), and then all goes back to playing and loving one another again.  I have seen this behavior in our males (male vs male) too, but it’s a bit more out of control.

Respect From All: Even the males are extremely respectful of her, when she is within their midst.  They do not mount her, or chase her until she instigates these activities. Meanwhile, she will sit with her back to them or lay down. Again, not until “Milady” gives the go ahead, she will then set the boundaries/rules.

Maternal Instincts: She is a wonderful mother not only to Olivia (3 years old), from her last litter of Bordoodles.  But she also protects the weaker animal on the farm that she feels needs protecting.  Even today she will stand guard over Olivia from “rough play” or what Ivy might deem as “rough play.”

Note: Olivia, is a bit of a stinker and will start trouble, knowing Ivy will come a’ running. I’ve witnessed this for myself.

Finally, not once have we ever had a client that has taken one of Ivy’s puppies (Border Collie or Bordoodle), and asked to bring them back to us, due to behavioral issues.  Her pup’s are trainable, and loyal (like Ivy).  The Bordoodle (Olivia), is a wonderful human companion, protective (of me), and trainable; her trainability was impressive.  If Ivy was more of a “Border Collie,” I would say the training may have taken a bit longer since, Border Collies tend to out smart you or try during the training sessions.  You really need to be 2 steps ahead of the game.  However, Ivy is not like the “normal” Border Collie, she is a calm dog.  One thing is for sure, she has also passed down her appetite to several of her offspring, I for one know this from personal experience, but I’ve also heard several stories from the family’s that have her puppies.

Ivy is a dog that really desires to please her human(s).  She enjoys human contact (petting, nuzzles).  So if you buy one of her puppies make sure you have plenty of hugs, and nuzzles.  Plus, making sure you have lots of healthy treats on hand, too.

Happy Tails 🐾

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