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Let's Help "Sustainable Lifestyle Gardens" Grow!

Jules Hogan-Allen, is a young entrepreneur and gardener extraordinaire, that reached out to us last summer, along with his business partner Ronald. I was so impressed, by how excited they were to learn new things, and we welcomed them both to visit our farm.

Now, Jules Hogan-Allen, is reaching out to the community to help support his dreams of educating others through his eco-friendly gardening program. He’s developing new ways of gardening through soil management in a much more, environmentally friendly way(s). Jules Allen, is dedicated in supporting our much loved planet, by using natural resources, versus chemicals, that we so often feel we need, in order to grow that perfect tomato, chili pepper etc.

Despite our age differences, I have learned so much from Jules, and I’m proud to call him my friend and gardening mentor.

Please, help Jules H Allen’s, by contributing, towards his endeavors to help make this a better planet, through gardening.

Thank you from, Sustainable Lifestyle Gardens

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