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Last Blog for Gabbie:

Psalms 20: 4; “May he give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed.”

I don’t make a close connection with all of our puppy families just a very select few. This doesn’t mean our puppies aren’t in loving homes. When I connect with a client, I believe it’s “chemistry.”

When Allison called me last December (maybe) definitely early January, she shared a story with me regarding their furry family member Maddie, that had passed on Thanksgiving Day of 2021. They both laid with her until her last breath. As I listened to Allison, I was concerned that she and Ernie’s pain was so deep that they were trying to replace Maddie. As our conversation deepened, I came to realize that this was not the case. At the beginning of the call, I began taking notes, but, before I knew, it I had taken their name down and nothing else. Soon after we got off the phone, Allison had filled out all of the required paperwork and paid her non-refundable deposit.

Mind you, when Allison called me, Ivy was still pregnant, and all they were looking for was a black and white female, period. Allison didn’t realize that she had just placed a risky order. Genetic tests are not always absolute, and I was concerned about the black and white trait. Ivy had one litter a couple of years ago where all of her puppies were black and white. I couldn’t guarantee what she had requested, and I told her this; but I was still about 90% sure the outcome would be in her favor, and boy was I wrong. When the puppies were coming, all I was praying, “Lord, let there be one black and white and make it a female.” Sure enough my prayer was answered we only had one female that fit the desires of their hearts and one male that was black and white. The rest of the puppies were tri-sables.

This was a test in faith for Allison and Ernie, as well as for me. They trusted in the Lord to provide them, not with a replacement for their lovely Maddie, but a new puppy to love.

Ernie and Allison, have a lot of love to give, and Gabbie will not lack for anything in the ways of food, toys, activity. But she most certainly won’t lack what is most important- love. ❤️

Happy Tails, Gabbie 🐾

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