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Application for Ivy and Duff's Future Puppies

Ivy and Duff have successfully bred. Meaning they have had 3 successful ties. Both Ivy and Duff have proven their ability to breed (separately), and have had healthy, beautiful puppies. Although- this is their first litter together we know they are going to produce gorgeous puppies.

This litter will be the traditional black and white. Based on their coat testing results. However, anything can happen. Ivy has had all black/white puppies when we bred her to Duff’s cousin a few years ago. Personally, I prefer the traditional black/white versus the Merle for a variety of reasons.

I do plan to share genetic testing results soon. I want to say, I have not had Ivy OFA tested. Many times people have had their Dam tested, and the results have come back clear but down the road the puppy developed issues as a result of mishandling the dog, and contributing to the break down of their bones, (i.e., running the dog to young before bones had time to develop properly.) The new owners come back and try to blame the breeders.

We are now accepting applications for their up coming litter. We are estimating delivery for the end of January and they will be ready end of March.

If you are interested in one of Ivy and Duff’s puppies, please fill out our puppy questionnaire, and we will review it and get back to you soon.

Thank you!

Gabriella Reid

The Painted Egg at Copper Barrel Farm

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