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Don’t Be A Sheep

Be cautious when listening and watching news, social media conversations, government, churches, etc. Sheep can be lured by a bucket very easily. They see you pick up an empty bucket and immediately they run towards it, not caring if it’s full or empty. This is how the elites, that are trying to push their agenda on us (humans), see us; no different than sheep. They grab a bucket (social media post), and shake it around. Many people run to it not caring if there is corn "truth", and chase it around, even if it’s filled with nothing but rocks "lies" or nothing at all - allowing them to lead many astray. Unfortunately, many people are very quick to be led like a lamb to the slaughter.

Every now and again, a sheep will grab the bucket and realize it’s empty. Once they see it doesn’t have anything inside, they quickly scatter and begin going about their business.

We better start asking questions about the things our society is trying to fool us with, regarding agenda’s that are designed to destroy our lives and families. Make sure you investigate what’s inside the “bucket” before you run towards the noise, and what they are trying to lure you with.

Is it filled with substance or empty lies?


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