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Doggy Bites: Unwanted Behaviors And How to Correct It

Simply put: Don’t encourage the behavior and don’t give it steam. If you are encouraging the action, then why are you getting frustrated with the puppy/dog?

If you don’t want your grown dog to nip at you or jump on you etc., don’t allow this behavior at the puppy stage.

The way to deal with this is probably the most difficult for the dog owner: which is to ignore. If you walk in the door and the puppy jumps on you, don’t pet the puppy, let them relax. Yes, it might take time but it’s the best way to help the puppy to understand boundaries and manners. Some dogs might require much more patience than others but eventually you’ll see your hard work come through.

I have adult dogs that took a year or more to break unwanted puppy behavior(s), and it can be quite frustrating but just hang in there.

I train using non-aversive “tools.” It’s my patience, mind, heart, eyes and I also listen to the puppy/dog. Often in my blogs, I ask you to pay attention to their energy. This isn’t New-Age thinking BUT rather using common sense. This method of training takes much longer than using e-collars but the results are long lasting.

Happy Tails 🐾

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