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Doggy Bites: Recall

Now, that you have mastered leash training with your pooch. It’s time to work on their recall. This is extremely important not only to ensure their safety but your own (avoid lawsuits).

Firstly: Make sure she hasn’t had a meal for a few hours. This is not cruel. A dog will listen better when hungry; food is a powerful motivator. Look at it as though their stomachs have sprouted ears, and a nose. Remember, when you were a child your parent(s) would say, “If you don’t clean your room we won’t get _____, tonight!” Or if you’re a parent how many times have you threatened your kids with NOT buying them ice-cream, if they misbehave in the store. So make sure you have selected a very special treat, (e.g., boiled chicken, sliced cheese etc.), and reserve it for this purpose ONLY.

Second: Begin, by taking her to a quiet park, fewer distractions the better and a 25 ft., lead is good, and LET HER GO! Yup! let her run. If by chance you don’t get her attention after 2 calls, please don’t call her again. Walk over, (don’t chase her this will only encourage the negative behavior), to where she is, and step on her leash and take her back to where you released her to start, AND Please! don’t give her a piece of the special treat! This is a clear indication she needs some additional training.

You will know if your dog has mastered their recall when they consistently come when called, without fail. But if you say my dog’s recall is great! Well, wonderful this blog isn’t for you but calling your dog in from the backyard doesn’t count 😊

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