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Doggy Bites: Nervous Much?

Are you a bit nervous to walk your dog in public or around the pet store? I have witnessed the nervous walker many times. He might appear confident but if you look long enough you can see the tightening of his jaw, the white knuckles of his leash hand, and the overly straight back or a very tight leash, even if the dog is walking right next to him. Plus the dogs ears might be pinned back or sticking straight out to the sides, whale eyes (a lot of white showing) tail might be very low or high but not wagging when the dog is standing still. What I’ve just mentioned is just a very small piece of what I have witnessed.

Next time, you’re about to walk your pooch, you might want to practice a few times at home in a non “confrontational” environment or stand in front of the mirror and get a mental picture of yourself in the store or park and see if you notice yourself tensing up. If you do notice any signs of nervousness, just take a few deep breathes and think relaxing thoughts or even play some soothing music on your way to the store or park. Hopefully it will help to make your time out with your dog a much more pleasant experience.

Keep in mind your internal nervousness might not be noticeable to humans but you can’t hide it from canines. They can smell it (nervousness), like a steak on a grill!

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