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Doggy Bites: It’s NOT YOU (dog) It’s me! And That’s the Truth

There are a few factors as to why people relinquish dogs. The truth is (my own experience) people believe that seeking outside training is an insult to their “intelligence.” It’s easier for the owners to turn the dog over to a shelter, and blame the dog for their irresponsibility. I’ve got news for you; they know it’s you and NOT the dog. You can cry as you’re turning the reins over but these employees have seen it all.

Also blaming the breeder (which I have been attacked) is a cop out. At 5 months old reality has set in and the puppy is officially a teenager, and the owners reveal their true selves. This is usually when, I receive a phone call; telling me, I sold them a defective dog.

Few facts: The majority of the surrendered dogs (47.7%) and cats (40.3%) were between 5 months and 3 years of age.

  • Most dogs (96%) had not received any obedience training.

  • The majority of dogs (37.1%) and cats (30.2) had been owned from 7 months to 1 year.

  • Approximately half of the pets (42.8% of dogs; 50.8% of cats) surrendered were not neutered. Many of the pets relinquished (33% of dogs; 46.9% of cats) had not been to a veterinarian.

  • Animals acquired from friends were relinquished in higher numbers (31.4% of dogs; 33.2% of cats) than from any other source.

  • Close to equal numbers of male and female dogs and cats were surrendered.

I usually sign off with "Happy Tails" but not today!

🐾 Be a kind, responsible owner to your puppy 🐾

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