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Doggy Bites: Don’t Break The Dog’s Spirit

So often, I read posts or I am asked about an unwanted behavior in a puppy that the owner needs help with and it turns out it’s really not “bad” behavior but behaviors common to the breed.

For example, let’s use the sports/hunting breed of dog, (beagle, hound, spaniel etc.) that is used to using their voice. This is a high energy dog and their barks can be quite excruciating to the ears. I wouldn’t want this breed in an apartment complex.

First, you shouldn’t beat, yell, or pull on the dog’s ears, coat, tail, etc. It’s going to require a lot of time to redirect this common trait indicative to the breed, and not encourage this behavior. The way I would handle this is to make sure the dog has an outlet to get some of this excitement out; you can do agility, take long walks, or run with her/him.

You can also let the dog run in a safe location but not if the dog hasn’t developed his recall skills to perfection.

I’m using this breed as an example because we have a sweet, very trainable, and LOUD 1 year old English Springer Spaniel and his barking sounds like nails on a black board. I’m working through this and it’s a bit taxing, I must admit. However, we’re getting there.

Please, use patience and love towards your pooch, and please, please, don’t break their spirit.

Think of it this way-It’s no different than someone beating or belittling you for liking certain foods that are part of your culture or speaking a certain language that is part of who you are.

Be kind and as always!

Happy Tails 🐾

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