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Doggy Bites: Basic Training Tips For Puppy

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

I recently read an article where a number of advanced dog trainers were video recorded, along with dog owners that had some training experience but were complaining about unresolvable issues they (the pet owners), had been battling for sometime. The issues that the dog owners were expressing were leash walking, stay/ sit, recall, etc. The basics we can say. The two groups were not in the same room.

Once the canine professional trainers analyzed the recordings, they noticed that the advanced dog trainers offered a lot more treats, and rewarded/praised the dogs for their efforts and were very much engaged with their training. Whereas the dog pet owners were inconsistent, did not reward regularly, and were cheap when they did reward. Plus, they appeared bored and did not focus on the task at hand but had a tendency to visit with the person next to them.

Not unless your dog has a medical problem it’s best to provide the dog (while training) with “expense,” i.e., tasty treats. I’ve mentioned what type to use in a previous blog. You aren’t going to hurt the dog- actually they’ll be a bit more receptive to your commands.

Not sure at what level of training you are in or the age of your puppy. But keep in mind that if your dog is 6 months old they should have a fairly good recall by now and the sitting, staying, and laying down should be spot on. If they are older, then you might want to illicit an outside certified trainer to help you with your training.

I believe it was Turid Rugaas (Norwegian Dog Trainer) that said, “Don’t punish the dog if you have made the mistake(s) that is the result of his negative behavior.”

Happy Tails 🐾

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