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Clinical Trials: The Effects Of Store Pet Food versus Raw Food Diet

I’m (Gabriella) currently enrolled in a Holistic Carnivore Nutrition Certification course. This is an intense course which covers the effects of pet food brands on our pets, the history behind the pet food industry, and the relationship between terminal illnesses and allergies brought on by over the counter pet foods. Plus, the misinformation our trusted and well meaning veterinarians offer us regarding store brands, and why veterinarians are persuaded to encourage us towards bagged food.

”There is a lot of conflicting and misleading information out there, not only on the internet, but with vet practice too. I get it - there is a liability and vets can only give information based on what they know and many are not very knowledgeable on raw feeding, or feeding in general. Nutrition is almost its own "specialty" in the vet world. I remember our vet here telling me he knew nothing about nutrition when it came to animals; he wasn't taught in school unless they took that segment”(Liza, Director for Holistic Carnivore Nutrition Program).

It’s been an eye opening experience learning about ingredients, chemicals and dyes used in our pet’s food and why so many recalls on our pet's food have increased over the years, and the importance of a raw diet, plus a lot more.

I have now filled all available slots in order to conduct this clinical trial on the effects of store pet food versus raw diet. This is in order to receive my certification in this course. This is still a couple of months away and with spring coming soon, I receive countless messages from pet owners with questions regarding skin, coat, digestive problems, and behavioral issues from individuals with older dogs, with comments like, “He’s a sweet dog but recently he’s started to…”, etc.

Most individuals, I’ve reached out to are concerned about making temporary changes to their pets diet, even though the changes that have been added are actually going to increase their pets issues once they discontinue the regimen (in some cases). A few have said, “It’s too time consuming to prepare raw or semi-raw food,” for their pets but again, I can help.

Once I begin this clinical study, the first step will be to make an assessment of the animal’s overall body score i.e., coat, eyes, etc., along with photos. Finally, towards the end, a final body score along with photo(s) will be performed again once the “exam,” is completed. I will provide a proprietary dietary plan per animal (with results) depending on the pets needs.

My hope for you and your pet is you will desire to change your pet’s life through holistic raw/semi raw diet to impact their health through positive diet changes. I will be happy to assist you in this endeavor as well.

🐾“Dogs/ cats do speak, but only to those who know how to listen.”

-Orhan Pamuk

Are you listening?

Happy, Healthy Tails 🐾

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