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Changes are coming this Fall 2022…

We are currently reformatting our website. We have been working with a wonderful web designer, Ashley, and we are hoping to clean up our jumbled mess of a website and make it a bit more crisp and easier for our guests to maneuver.

I have recently made a decision to offer online Q & A sessions for a small fee. I’m hoping to offer these sessions maybe once a month (haven’t ironed out the details). I will discuss common issues I’m frequently asked. I may also add training videos during these sessions and offer demonstrations that are relevant to our discussion.

All dogs are trainable but not all humans can train. I’ve recently made this discovery while I was outside walking our pasture. This is a true statement. So many people are too proud to ask for assistance but the same individuals have no concern about driving the dog out in the country and dumping him just to get another dog in hopes of finding one that “fits” their life. This shouldn’t happen.

I have a heart for dogs- they never asked to be in our lives, but we made a decision for them and we owe it to the dog to make their short life worth living.

Happy Tails 🐾

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