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Border Collie Puppy Common Behavior(s) 3-5 Months Old

This is a herding breed. They were designed to work sheep in rural, rough terrain. For many BC’s their job of herding, is no longer needed since many people are buying them merely for the popularity of the breed and not for the abilities of the Border Collie.

Regardless, of your life, whether you reside in a single family home, apartment, etc..the Border Collie can’t be genetically altered to suit your life; however, to some degree, you will need to adapt to theirs.

As a breeder, I have people call me and let me know their wonderful plans for their new puppy many are speaking truth and follow through. However some (I unfortunately have learned) were just blowing smoke up my skirt! This is a small minority but it’s the life of a puppy that is harmed. This year alone Bronwyn and Duff’s last litter, I have had 3 people recently contact me with; “You sold me a defective puppy!” Or “You didn’t tell me it would be so hard to control!”

Issues that have been brought to my attention regarding the Border Collie puppies, 3-5 months old:

  1. Puppy chases my kids

  2. Nips my children and others

  3. Jumps on people

  4. Plays rough with dogs at the dog park

  5. I’m afraid of her (this was a grown “man”)

  6. What if I can’t control her and in the future and she takes over

  7. I can’t walk her on a leash

  8. She pulls on the leash

  9. She barks at people

  10. He/She doesn’t come when called

  11. Afraid of loud sounds

  12. Very reactive

I can go on with these “terrible” behaviors but you get the picture.

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