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Available Puppies for Experienced Dog People

I want to share our plans moving forward regarding our breeding program. During the past year, I have been disappointed by some of our new puppy owners who bold-faced lied to us, and I also blame myself for not vetting them well enough. I don’t want our dogs to become a statistic; I will continue to repeat this throughout the blog.

A few years ago, I had a breeder tell me that they could make a surprise home visit after bringing puppy home, and potentially remove the dog from our home, at anytime. This would be without giving us our money back, if they so desired, and based solely on how they felt living conditions were acceptable were for the puppy sold to us. Folks - this was in their contract. Does this sound unreasonable? To my ears yes, but obviously they must have felt they needed to implement this rule from their past experience(s). Consequently, we didn’t do business with them.

I have reached out to some breeding support organizations I respect, and reviewed resources they have available that we can include into our breeding program. One thing I have taken from those resources is we will not sell our dogs to first time dog owners, or individuals that are not able to provide professional dog training to the puppy. Our Border Collies cannot go to individuals that have children under the age of 10. These requirements are based on recommendations from various breeders that have been at this much longer than I have. This is for the safety of the children and again, for the dog. Again, we will require photos of the home and if you live within 2 hours drive from our home, a home visit could be suggested to move to the next phase of the application process. There’s also a possibility, we won’t sell to anyone that doesn’t live within a certain driving distance.

I know our dogs, and the Border Collie breed is not a breed that handles young children very well - or some adults, for that matter. Sorry to say, but a person that is weak physically, mentally, or emotionally will find it difficult to handle this breed. What I just listed covers a lot of people. By “weak,” I’m not referring to a medical issue, I’m referring to healthy individuals that aren’t willing to invest time, and resources into the animal. I don’t want one of my puppies to end up a statistic.

If this sounds harsh to your ears, all I can say is-we invest a lot of time and energy into our program. Not to mention, a lot of financial resources to ensure that our puppies are healthy before they are moved to their forever home. If you have purchased our puppies, you can see for yourself that we provide you with a lot of information, meticulous records, and the little extras that are gifts from us because we value all of our customers.

Please keep in mind, our applications are legal and binding. You have signed it, and have agreed to our terms and conditions. If you have been dishonest with us and we find out, you have breached the contract, and we can legally have the dog removed from your home and you will be subject to covering all legal fees. Again, I don’t want any of my puppies to end up a statistic.

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