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Available: Border Collie Male

Serious Inquires Only: Duff, has provided us with lovely, excellent puppies. We have only bred him twice to our females, Bronwyn and Ivy. Health/Genetic testing and pedigree can be found through Go to our Good Dog account and select "profile" and there you will find this information.


• Price $900

• Age 2.5 years old

• Black and White Medium/Rough Coat

• ABCA Registered

• UTD on vaccinations and neutered prior to leaving

• 55 lbs.


• Gets along well with other dogs

• He has displayed his pack position, but has never been aggressive. Establishing

position is not aggression

• Has displayed some resource guarding towards other dogs

• Enjoys being around people

Notes: At this time, Duff is still intact, but will not leave our home until he has been neutered. Once he is fixed some of the resource guarding and eagerness for his position in the pack should resolve itself. Many male dogs (focusing on males) need to establish this hierarchy in the pack to say, “I’m the main “man!” We have never seen him bite, tear another dog’s body in anyway. He will lunge, and most times the male dogs he does this to, simply lie down. I have corrected his resource guarding of toys by putting him in time out. He has never displayed this towards his humans, because Duff knows if he were to, the game would end.

I do not expect this behavior to continue once he has been fixed. I plan to observe him in the same conditions and correct what needs correcting, but in my experience of 27+ years of training, it usually does stop. There’s nothing for them to prove.

My ideal home for Duff: Would be a retired active couple that travels, enjoys life with a dog. Patient and have the financial means to provide Duff with training if need be i.e., dock diving, agility. He is not a candidate for herding. Duff is too sensitive of a dog, but mark my words, if not properly exercised, most Border Collie’s WILL find something to chase. I cannot say if he would do well with young children, or cats, since our children are in their teens and we don’t have outdoor cats. However, he doesn’t show interest in squirrels if that’s anything😄. He walks very well on lead, and he loves human contact.

Reason we want to re-home Duff: We are keeping 6 dogs, and this has been a difficult decision to make. We want him to receive the attention he needs. I need to be fair to Duff and it means finding him a committed couple to meet his every need and time spent with Duff to make sure this happens.

**If I receive "potential" clients offering negative feedback regarding Duff via Good Dog; I will flag your account, and provide your information to Good Dog.**

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