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Announcement: Happy Tails To You 🐾❤️

We would like to announce that we are ending our breeding program here at Copper Barrel Farm Border Collies, and this does include future litters of Bordoodles too. We have been discussing this for some time. With the economy in such a stressful state, we can’t, with a clear conscience, sell puppies, while many people are struggling to feed their families and put gas in vehicles. It is apparent that families are rightly concerned about putting food on the table, and not really thinking about adding another mouth to feed. Continuing to produce puppies during these uncertain times just doesn’t make sense to us.

We do strive to sell our puppies to the “fussy” buyer, and you know who you are 😀. We did offer a very low price for our last litter, but I (Gabriella) felt we were selling discount puppies, and this was not in our business plan.

We will focus on training Border Collies and of course other breeds too. Plus, we will offer boarding services as well. I am a professional canine trainer, behavior specialist, and I have completed my Educators Bite Prevention Course; I’m currently working towards my official certification for this program. Later this year, I will begin my Canine Massage Certification Program through Holistic Animal Studies. I mention this to encourage you that even though we have stopped breeding, we are now offering a variety of options through Copper Barrel Farm Border Collies.

Gil and I would like to thank everyone that have purchased puppies from our breeding program. Again, we haven’t closed our doors, but on the contrary, we have expanded our path to you with more options and perhaps I can help in these areas for your furry family member if the need were to arise.

Our Facebook Group will not close its doors, but maybe with informative educational posts regarding behavioral issues etc. that might benefit your puppy and your life with puppy or Q&A days; I'm open to suggestions.

Thank you again, and Happy Tails 🐾

Gil and Gabriella Reid

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