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Accepting Reservations for Goslings!

Spring is always a lovely time here on the farm.  For several years, I have been a fan of the French Toulouse Geese.  In 2023, I decided to add Embden Geese to our mix.  We faced a few challenges to start.  However, we overcame the problems and it has been a success ever since.  I am now happy to report we currently have an Embden Goose and our Toulouse sitting happily on their eggs (15), whilst the ganders noisily, stand guard.  The old adage, “Don’t count your “chicks” before they hatch,” is a definite, truism.  If all goes well we will offer the goslings for purchase. 

Straight run ONLY. I can do my best to gender the goslings. However, I cannot guarantee, you'll receive your preference of a goose or gander. Embdens, are easier to gender. However, the geese laid their eggs in one nest. French Toulouse will have a cross of Embden; However, under the best of circumstances the Toulouse are still a bit more difficult to sex.

We will not ship. This is very stressful for the animal. Thus, it will be farm pick up ONLY. **Please, do your research, if this is your first time raising geese. The males are more assertive. However, currently they are aggressive. We are cautious, and prefer not to turn our backs on the ganders; This is to be expected. They are in protective mode due to the geese focusing on their eggs. The goose is in a weakened state, and seldom gets up to eat or drink. So it's up to the gander to stand guard!**

If interested..Please call for details: 864-437-9343 or e-mail:

A non-refundable fee of $15.00, is necessary to hold your gosling(s).

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