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A DogCat?

I have watched wonderful videos on social media where a dog, or cat are seemly taking on the mannerisms/habits of their furry roommate, and people are quite impressed by this transformation along with the owners. I’ve read responses to the (video) individual that says, “oh! They’re acting like___how cute!” And someone will come back and say, “NO! They’re truly changing species!”

There’s an answer for this - actually a couple of

explanations if not more:

Learned behavior: At times when owners see this

interesting behavior, they will immediately (capturing) encourage their pet by offering treats, praising the animal

or just let them act it out without stopping the action. So, in

a nutshell - encouragement.

Training: This does take a little more effort, but I’ve seen

this done a lot. Again, encouragement.

Cats are cats and dogs are dogs. Their DNA is not able to

re-design itself from one species to another. The animal

knows what they are. However, studies have shown that

feeding healthier foods (diet) to your pet can actually effect

their genome and correct inherited health issues (heart

disease, cancers etc.) that might stem from generations

past, but even this takes a few (3+) generations to finally

show evidence of genome changes in a cat/dog.

So, next time you see a fun, silly pet video in your social

media feed, just enjoy or share, and scroll on to the next


Happy Tails 🐾

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