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A Bit About Baxter Our Standard Poodle

Baxter is our Standard Poodle, that we recently bred Ivy (Border Collie) to. 

Temperament: He’s very long suffering is the best description.

Trainability: I would give him a C+.  Only due to his high prey drive when he was younger.  It was a bit of a challenge to keep him focused; but once, I was able to redirect his attention to the “treats at hand,” he was ready to resume with our lessons.  He walks very well on lead (as well he should), after all he’s 3 years old.  His prey drive is still relatively high but he’s much more focused and easier to redirect to the task at hand.

My Emotional Support Companion: This came as a surprise to me. One afternoon while I had been playing with the boys in the dog park..I began to cry (stressful personal season), and he stopped what he was doing and ran towards me, he jumped up on the doggy’s picnic table where I was sitting, and to my surprise nuzzled the back of my neck.  I proceeded to pet him, then hug his neck, he stood calmly in one place (for minutes),until I cried myself out and the rest is history.  Since then, he is one dog that I can rely on to share my sorrow(s) with. If I need a warm body to lean on, Baxter is there. Baxter will not leave my side until I say “okay, thank you.” Of course he gets a treat BECAUSE, I WANT to not because he has asked for payment.  He’s mentally strong.

Changed My Mind: At one point, I thought he wasn’t going to work well in our breeding program, due to his size (height).  However, the importance of his ability to comfort me when, I’m feeling a bit stressed has been a huge bonus.  Baxter, doesn’t have to be told to come but just understands, and wants to be of assistance. Very compassionate dog.

Changed My Mind Again! At the end of the day Baxter gets an A+ for his tenderness towards me, and understands what I need without me having to say a word ❤️

Note: When we dump our emotions on our dogs, horses etc., it’s a lot for them to carry so make sure you know which of your pets can handle it, it’s not for the faint of heart.

Happy Tails 🐾

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