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Part 2: Pain Doesn’t Teach A Dog To Respect His Human...

He is yelled at, and possibly given a heavy hand for not returning when called. The reason I suspect the dog is physically punished is when the dog finally returns, he doesn’t want to look at him (human), nor does he want to sit next to him. This made the man feel very proud of himself. My advice to him was NEVER physically handle your dog, this might make you feel the dog has respect for you, but on the contrary, it’s creating fear OF you, and dogs will lash out in fear if they feel threatened, and ultimately bite the hand that feeds them or worse - someone else. He told me the dog would never do that (not true). I’ve read enough case studies to support this.

As humans, our first instinct when we feel threatened is to defend ourselves so why wouldn’t a dog do the same. My purpose for writing this blog is to make sure you know that if you are on this path of hurting your dog by shaking, yelling, kicking etc., you will eventually either have a dog that just tolerates you, and doesn’t really like your company, or a dog that might submit for a goodly length of time, but might lash out at some point towards you or another person out of frustration. In my opinion, the saddest one of all is depression. The dog will cower when you walk in the room or stay across the room when you are in there. So in other words, a shell of his/her former self.

We’ve been told that dog is man’s best friend - isn’t time we return the favor?

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