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Should I Feed My Dog Like A Wolf?

Updated: May 11

Since, beginning my Holistic Carnivore Nutrition Course, I’ve learned a lot regarding our domestic pets diet versus wild dogs (of all kinds), and their diets.  I won’t do a deep dive into that subject but only “graze” it 🙂

Domestic Dogs just like wolves are carnivores NOT omnivores, nor herbivores.  However, we do on occasion observe our own dogs eating vegetation but this doesn’t mean they are omnivorous.  Why do they eat grass? It’s the roughage their bodies are in need of and this helps to expel “junk” that may have disagreed with their system.  Even my dogs will eat grass when their tummies aren’t feeling great, and I will take a queue from them and re-evaluate their diet, and modify their recipe if necessary; I will not do this for all of them but only for the one(s) eating the grass.

This past, summer/early fall when the pecans were in season the dogs were eating pecans like crazy (not the shells) but only the “meat,” this was quite interesting to see, and now in early spring they are eating berries; they’re currently in season.  I will not stop them, obviously they are desiring it for some reason.  However, I do NOT add vegetables nor fruits to their diet, not unless, I sense they need that specific nutrient.

I recently attended a conference focusing on dogs digestive system and Holistic dietary solutions. I heard a remarkable statement, in the last 20 years 1 in 4 dogs have been diagnosed with intestinal cancers.  The opinion of the holistic veterinarians that spoke to this, believe it’s the ingredients and toxins found in most dog foods; i.e., pesticides, animal by products; this can consist of euthanized animals from the animal shelters, and much much more.  Not only have cancers in dogs increased but their lifespan has decreased.

In the 1990’s the Labrador’s lifespan was 17 years but as of 2005, veterinarians began to notice that the lifespan of the Labradors was decreasing.  This research was (at the time) breed specific to the Labrador.  If you are blessed to have a 17 year old Lab then good for you and your pet.  The belief by professional Canine Nutritionist and Holistic Veterinarians, hold the same opinions that it is the result of the commercial dog food industry that is decreasing our pets lifespan.

An article in Dog Food Advisor, indicating the new dog food “fad” (my word) that is not only plant based but buggy based.  The article listed a number of dog food brands that are now offering these alternative diets for our pets, and I have no doubt their humans are scooping it up like the daily news!

This information provided by the DFA (article) made me curious as to what the wolves diet consist of just in case, I had missed something along the way. So I decided to research the wolf diet, and only focus on this topic.  The wolf on occasion might eat what they find available to them such as; nuts, berries, vegetables, if they are unsuccessful hunting live game.  They will eat small animals too, such as rabbits, but will shake out their stomach contents.  The rabbits diet consist mainly of vegetation.  The non meat items, consumed by the wolf, is not their daily choice for their diet, this is a, “I can’t find anything else,” option.   There is a breed of wolf called the Mane Wolf that is considered an omnivore.

In the past, persons have reached out to me and have asked why their dog’s digestive system is out of whack.  It’s usually attributed to some type of an imbalance.  Their veterinarians usually put them on a prescription dog food.  This isn’t any better, but if it makes the doggy and parent feel better, for a short time anyway, then the  $85.00+ bag of dog food was worth it.  Not only for yourself and your pet but also for the dog food company and veterinarian.

Getting back to this plant/bug based dog food. It’s absolutely ridiculous.  There are studies of dog owners that have opted to provide only a vegetarian/vegan diet for their dogs and the results were not great.  If you want to feed fruit and vegetables it should not be any greater than 10% of their total daily feed. Let’s not humanize our pets!

🐾 The answer to my blog title is a YES!! As I have said many times let dogs be dogs!

Please Do Your Own Research…I purposely did not attach websites to the many testings and case studies conducted by animal professionals;  Simply, because I think it's important for you to conduct your own research, and educate yourself regarding the points, I mentioned in this blog.

I have ONLY included this one resource to get you started 🙂

Happy Tails 🐾

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