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Passover And The Sacrificial Lamb

April (Nisan), 22, 2024..

Ancient Passover: When the law was given to Moses (Exodus 12) to take a lamb or goat for each household depending on the family’s size determined what size animal was needed. There had to be enough (lamb/goat) to feed everyone in the household. Another rule was the animal couldn’t be nursing during the time of sacrifice nor could it be older than a year.

My Experience: I’ve bred, and raised lamb, I understand how emotionally close (relationship) you can get to an animal. I’ve been there with the ewes when they have lambed and have experienced their struggles (at times) during birth and have rejoiced when everything has gone well. We have our favorites especially those that are either unique in appearance or have a sweetness you are drawn to. I remember each sheep we had on our farm the ones we processed to the ones we lost prematurely. I loved them all.

Rules: After 3 months of age a ram lamb has to be removed from its mother due to possibly mating with her. The Passover lamb had to be pure in every way. Opinions or Facts?: I’ve heard stories where the Hebrews would bring the lamb into their home and allow the whole family to take part in raising it. I’m on the fence about this, only because one lamb/goat is quite messy and can muck up a barn all by itself! I don’t believe our ancient moms would stand for that. However,  I do think that the men and young boys would build temporary shelters close to their homes in order to keep a close eye on the lamb.  Nevertheless, they took care of its daily needs; feeding, watering plus making sure it didn’t injure itself. If by chance it was injured, it was immediately disqualified. Remember this lamb was a sacrifice (gift) to our L-rd the animal had to be perfect. Regardless of modern opinion of our Creator they took this seriously. For the families that kept the lamb for several months there was a bond that was developed. The children played (I have no doubt) with the lamb but parents would see to it that the kids were gentle and respectful so as not to inadvertently harm the lamb. I believe the women of the household were in charge of feeding it well, to ensure it was nice and plump for Passover.

Passover begins: Since Pharaoh refused the Hebrews from sacrificing to the L-rd outside of Egypt they ONLY killed the animal but did not build an altar.  The lamb was sacrificed by the men of the household while the women and children stood at a distance. This was a somber occasion for the whole family, and was taken serious because it was. Imagine the heartbreak on seeing the lambs of possibly less than 80 lbs., (some weighing more or less), being led  to his death. Lambs that were raised by families and loved by all. I’m sure some of the children cried while their mothers consoled them, and shared the importance of this moment with their children. Teaching (Shema) them for Whom it was meant for. This lamb, their beloved lamb that had been part of their family for months, the little lamb they had taken such care of and loved to ensure it was perfect.

Last thoughts: In times past it was difficult to sell my favorite ram/ewe/lamb, so I wouldn’t. As I sit here today writing this message, I’m finding it easier to give my best to my S-vior, maybe it’s my age (maturity) but I can’t out give or out love Him. G-d NEVER withholds, His best! not only for myself but everyone.  Our ancestors had to give Him their best they understood the importance of doing so. It was literally between life and death if they didn’t take it seriously.

🕎✝️ The Last Passover Seder…It is finished! Matthew (Matityahu), 26-27…The ultimate sacrifice was given for us 2,000+ years ago through the shedding of His YHWH blood our S-vior, Yeshua for our eternal salvation. He was the purest of “lambs.” The Hebrews knew the importance of Passover and it was serious and as I’ve said it was between their life and death.  If we refuse His sacrifice that Yeshua made for us, it will be eternal separation and death for us from Him. So why should we refuse this precious gift of Salvation? The hard work has already been done for us, and the greatest price was paid for us all.

John (3:16-17)

Jew and Gentile: Even though we are no longer under the Law, doesn't mean G-d's appointed times should not be honored. If Yeshua celebrated why shouldn't we? When the scriptures say; forever, perpetual, throughout generations; He means what He says. The same holds true today. "Therefore, the law is indeed holy, and the commandment holy and righteous and good ..." (Romans 7:12).

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