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Kids and Canines

Getting a puppy for our kids is a wonderful experience for the whole family or it should be; but the truth is-many parents/guardians get the puppy without doing their research. When we buy a car we research the model, buying a house we find out where the best schools, stores are etc. So why don’t we research and educate ourselves on the specific breed in detail. Mistake people make they see a dog behaving extremely well either out in public or in a movie/tv show, and they say, "That's MY breed!" Not taking into account the many hours that has gone into training the dog. Many times, I see well-behaved kids at the grocery store but I don’t rush out and buy one!

Lack of educating ourselves when selecting a breed for our family is usually what gets everybody in trouble, especially the dog. If you are determined on buying a breed that you like, versus “is the breed truly the best fit for our family and our life?” Then you need to provide training for yourselves and the dog. There are willing dog trainers that offer in home training for the whole family. This should begin, before you bring the puppy home and a few weeks thereafter.

Ask yourself: What’s my dog experience? not “my friend/family relation, had one when I was a kid and it behaved so well and was loving!” This answer doesn’t count as experience.

Talk to your veterinarian, even the humane society, find out why the Labrador, is a breed that is surrendered, just as often as the Pit Bull.

My experience with the Mastiff breed was wonderful, she was gentle, and very loving dog; she was on the smaller side and only weighed 125 lbs., when she passed away; but this is still massive so as much as I love giant breeds, I would never recommend this breed to families with small child nor the elderly. Everyday I read post about the “unruly” Mastiff that, “we bought for our kids” BECAUSE “we had one when I was a kid.” People that answer this way are very ignorant and don’t take into account genetics and how it plays a huge part in temperament.

Again, I truly believe children should grow up with pets to learn responsibilities and to understand the importance of giving and caring for something that relies on us for its daily needs outside of ourselves.

Food for thought! Now that summer vacation is almost over and school will begin for millions of kids around the USA; I know all too well, families bought their children puppies during the summertime. As the responsible parent/guardian are you going to continue to care for the dog or is the novelty of caring for a puppy over? I’ll continue this topic at a later time.

Happy Tails 🐾

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