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Doggy Bites: Doorbells and Dogs

Does your dog run while barking towards the door when company, delivery people come by? This is not unusual but can pose problems for the person that is a non resident, plus aggravation/frustration for the dog owner(s). I'll offer a few tips on how to manage the situation, **Managing isn't the same as training.**

  1. Dog should be on a short leash. If you are planning on visitors ask them to help you train the dog. Explain the situation, that you are having issues with jumping, barking etc.

  2. Company shouldn't acknowledge the dog; no petting, reaching towards the dog in any way

  3. The leash method should only be used if the dog has been trained successfully on how to walk on a lead

  4. Sit down begin talking still no eye contact from your visitor

  5. Once the dog has calmed down ask your company to offer a snack to the dog either approach dog slowly but don't hover over the dog or toss the treat to the dog

  6. If the dog has limited leash walking experience it's best to tether the dog to something solid and follow steps 1-5

Delivery Person: This is a little bit more of a challenge but not impossible to manage. First, if you know the typical delivery schedule from your UPS, FedX etc..make sure you have the dog in his crate or away from windows so as not to aggravate the dog. If your dog begins to bark don't yell at the dog (i.e., situation) but simply reassure the dog that it's a safe person and not a threat. Our dogs that have strong barking traits are expressing themselves, issuing a warning to their owners (our family). I will often reassure them especially during the evening and sometimes in the middle of the night by saying, "let's see..what it is? thank you, for taking care of me," and I offer a treat. I have had to do this a number of times but have had close to 100% success rate. If I can assure my dogs we are safe at night, during the daytime the barks can be put in check much more effectively.

**This is a combination of training and management.**

As pet owners we never want to injure anyone that comes to our homes, and hopefully these tips can help to limit or alleviate such unwanted behavior(s) from occurring.

Happy Tails 🐾

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