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Celebrities, Hollywood, Movies And How They Affect Our Breed Choice

Have you ever considered what motivates our decisions for buying a breed of dog/cat? Well for most of us, we might have a fond memory of a grandparent’s lovely schnauzer or a beloved friend’s Labrador. Did you know that Hollywood movies play a huge part in our decision towards certain breeds? In some cases, the popularity of a certain dog breed featured in movies can increase the desire for the breed by more than 40% and this might last (popularity) for up to 10 years, and then the public becomes bored with their “celebrity” breed, and off it (dog) goes to the local animal shelter or breed rescue organizations.

I will not mention the movies that have impacted the public’s decision for specific breed(s) - just in case you might be curious for the breed of dog once you view the movie **wink.**

Once, Queen Elizabeth II passed away, I was quite curious as to the Welsh Corgi breed, and if her passing would impact their popularity of said breed; low and behold - it did! I’m sad to say by 8,600%. This is impressive, but not in a good way. The Welsh Corgi/Corgi Mix that became synonymous with Queen Elizabeth was as familiar to the Queen as the crown she wore upon her head. She loved the dogs, but remember she had a staff of hundreds to help with their care. I read where the person in charge of taking care of these lovelies was also in charge of cleaning up after the dogs because they were known to poo and pee on the royal carpets.

A little known fact regarding the breed is they are a working breed of dog (i.e., herding). They are not the easiest dogs to train. They have a very stubborn streak, and need a firm training hand - not to be confused with cruelty during training. I have heard this of an owner that works tirelessly training her 1 year old Corgi: “they aren’t the smartest, but I love her very much!” This isn’t her first “rodeo” either.

So, next time you watch a movie where the main character might be an overachieving pooch, keep in mind the years of training this dog has gone through and the team (in many cases) of trainers that have made our viewing experience of these amazing animals a joy to watch. These individuals have worked tirelessly to create an enjoyable, fun movie night out with our friends and family a pleasure.

Please research the good, bad and the ugly regarding the breed, and as always, consider your ability to train which is also important for the future of a specific breed that you might be determined to buy.

Photo: **Rita Hayworth and her Cocker Spaniel, Pookies**

Happy Tails 🐾

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