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Basic Puppy Training vs Puppy Culture™

I was recently asked if we used the Puppy Culture™ method and I have to admit I had never heard of this training technique. I assumed it was training geared mostly for very young puppies less than 3 weeks of age, and yes I was partially correct. I did let the individual know, "Yes we do begin stimulating our puppies days after they are born." I want to add that I (Gabriella), try not to overly stimulate puppies, especially our Border Collies simply because they are a very high energy breed, and yes many times in high energy dogs if they are over stimulated they can develop obsessive compulsive behaviors.

Brief Introduction to Puppy Culture's ™ Developer Jane Killion. Ms. Killion had a need for a training program to work her unruly Bull Terrier, and long story short began a program for dog owners from the beginnings of a puppy's life to 12 weeks of age. Jane Killion felt it best to begin stimulating puppies very early on- actually days after birth. I do agree with this and actually do this myself. Early stimulation is necessary but again please consider the breed, and if you are not a trainer or have not had success in the basics of dog training methods, you might need to reach out to a professional that can assist you in how or where to begin.

One thing I have to say about Ms. Killion and her early stimulation program is she had the foresight to begin video journaling her puppy training, and then branding her program by giving it a cool name! Her methods are not new by any means but again with a new generation coming on to the scene the old is now becoming new, and thank God for that, there's hope for me yet!! I will add links for further information regarding Jane Killion's, Puppy Culture™

The Painted Egg at Copper Barrel Farm™ does have an early puppy training techniques program that I will share in a later blog.

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