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Part 1: Puppyhood to Adulthood 5-6 months of age

What to expect! Even though you may have had the best trainers money can buy, or if you took it upon yourself to train your puppy, you will no doubt experience some troubles on the horizon. I need to mention that this is not the time to begin blaming the breed or breeder, but unfortunately these challenges are the result(s) of how well we have trained our puppies from the beginning. I will give you examples I personally have faced in the past, or complaints I have heard from individuals seeking advice for issues in their puppy’s behavior. Example, did you encourage or laugh when your puppy was chewing on your clothes or your hands/fingers? Did you play tug of war games for an excessive amount of time? If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, then you might have this “cutesy” behavior rear its ugly head again.

At this point, a lot of people, not all but many, believe they made the wrong decision buying said dog. This shouldn’t even be a topic of discussion in your home; but rather, ask yourself, what negative behavior did I encourage in my dog?

At this stage in our puppies’ lives, we will be entering a very difficult phase that many weren’t expecting to have to deal with, believing that their puppy was over the chewing and potty training stage. This stage of the “game” is called the Juvenile/Teenage Stage. The puppy’s hormones are going a bit haywire; they will begin to test the waters, no different than human teenagers.

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