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Doggy Bites: Puppy Training 101

Consistency, patience. If there is more than one family member, training should not solely fall on one person. Even though training usually does fall on the shoulders of one individual, this doesn’t mean that the other family members shouldn’t take part in the training exercises. Training rules and the structure of the lessons should be explained and demonstrated by the person that is the main trainer and shared with the other persons in the family. This is important in case the main trainer was unable to train due to unforeseen circumstances or simply needing a break. Lenox-Mae doggy sitting

We need to keep consistency for the sake of the dog’s mental well-being.

Sharing training responsibilities in a family unit is very important. This exercise will shine a light on your individual strengths and weaknesses and hopefully draw you closer. Our individual “differences” is what makes us unique, and we might struggle with that person on a weekly basis because they do things a bit differently than you do but it might be exactly what you need to make the training “wheel” run smoother.

Happy Training Tails 🐾

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