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Training Video: Available 10 Week Old Bordoodle Male

Puppy Boot Camp: This week, I officially "enlisted" Male # 1 in my puppy boot camp. I have to say he is doing fantastic as you will see in the video. My program is a bit more intense considering he is still "our" puppy. My rules for our dogs living in our home are slightly different than perhaps your rules in your own home. Stock Photo Image

Some Training Exercises We have Started:

  • Mat Training: Recognizing his place

  • Clicker Training: This helps to engage puppy and to be rewarded with a high value treat. You will hear in the video, that I'm clicking several times this is to adapt puppy to the sound

  • Basic Puppy Commands: Sit, Stay, Wait, Back (back up), Off, Enough etc.

  • Crate Training

  • House Breaking

  • Leash Walking Training

People have asked me why our older dog is still the same price as a puppy. Obviously, some people view an older dog (older than 12 weeks of age) as less valuable than a new puppy. My reason, I am pouring a lot of valuable training into this puppy. It is not only beneficial for him but for you too as his future owner. Plus, you will have less stress adapting him into his new home. This of course, will depend on how closely you continue with my program, once you get him there.

Puppy's continued training (if he was not "our" dog), would cost thousands of dollars to outside customers. Overall, he's been an easy dog to train since he was 3 weeks old.

🐾 Wishing! Him Happy Puppy Training Tails!

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