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Watermelon As Sweet As Honey!

Late one afternoon, Gil was working in one of our sheep field’s that’s about 1.5 acres away from the house if not further, and he sent me a photo of a small watermelon or melon of some kind. He told me it was growing wild. The amazing thing is this field is barren. This past spring we had it plowed to grow millet or hay for our sheep, come late summer, early fall of this year. We are currently in the process of preparing the land for seeding. So when he told me about the melon and said he thought it strange, and I had to agree considering the stress that this piece of land has endured for months.

A couple of days later we jumped in the UTV and I was prepared to use, my trusty plant identifier app to assist me in finding out what this mystery “melon” was all about, when suddenly he says, “we’re here.” I looked over and down and said, “WOW!” It wasn’t what I had imagined. It had to be the biggest melon, I’d ever seen! We cut the vine carefully and whilst driving back to the house along with the watermelon, which had to have weighed at least 25+ lbs., we were admiring the miracle of God’s hand.

I’m sure there’s a “scientific,” explanation for it, but I’m not interested in trying to give man credit for this. Considering our whole mission for several months has been to literally remove all plant matter in order to plant selective vegetation for our sheep.

🙏🏼 God is still on HIS throne and still provides for us ALL and HE will receive our thanks for HIS continued provision and grace on our land HE provided us with!

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