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Farm Floral Bouquet

Early this morning, I took a look around our pastures and noticed that a lot of our summer blooms are approaching their autumn slumber. Here in late summer, I usually get the impression the trees and flowers are talking amongst themselves and saying, “When is this going to END?” So I decided to take a walk around our pastures and collect some flowers/greenery that have brought me so much joy from afar, and bring them in (house) to appreciate their loveliness up close.

A lot of what I usually use looks unsightly on its own such as the wild grasses or dog fennel but they actually add a lot of unique charm to a floral bouquet.

I wanted to share this bouquet with you and hope it brings a smile and a bit of sunshine to your day! 😊

🌸Flowers/greenery used: Zinnias (wild), Black Eyed Susans (wild), Comfrey, Dog Fennel, Boxwood (wild), Shasta Daisies, Heritage Roses, Wild Grasses(wild), Crepe Myrtle, Ground Cover(s).

*Foreign imports dominate today's flower market, in some cases accounting for 90% or more of all U.S. sales within a particular category*

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