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A New Generation Of Sheep Farmers

Jules contacted me a few weeks back, having found our farm information through "Georgia Sheep and Wool Association", Jules was very interested in purchasing 3 rams for his micro farm. I was all too happy to sell him 3 of our 2022 spring ram lambs.

He and his business partner (Ronald), came by Sunday, August 28th, and stayed a few hours asking very thoughtful questions, regarding our farm, sheep, chickens, geese etc. Gil and I were also interested in their plans for the future, regarding micro farming. They understand the importance of growing green, sustainable farming and they also believe it's important to start small, during the learning phase of this challenging venture.

Ronald and Jules, both have large families and hope to raise their children to understand where their food source comes from.

They have a small business, ."Sustainable Lifestyle Gardens." However, I don't think this (small) will last long. I envision they will prosper and possibly one day teach and pass on their knowledge to another generation; outside of their families.

During our initial conversation, Jules left me impressed. I don't sell to just anyone, but his attitude, kind words, and just over all politeness, left me wanting to do business with he and Ronald. Once we met in person he and Ronald were a joy and very respectful, I could have chatted with them all afternoon.

I'm excited for their future. Keep us posted!

Owners/Operators: Jules Hogan-Allen and Ronald Jones III

Sustainable Lifestyle Gardens

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