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Rams For Sale!

Photo of Grown Tunis Ewes!

The benefits of owning an American Tunis Sheep is they are smaller than other sheep breeds and quite fine boned. They are easy to handle, this can be very beneficial for the beginning farmer.

We currently have a few rams from last season for sale. They are wethered; this means they have been castrated. Many farmers do this is for a number of reasons; For us specifically we had a lot! A total of 9 ram lambs which means most of our breeding ewes had male lambs, we only had 4 ewe lambs. This can potentially create issues it makes them a bit more territorial and aggressive towards humans and one another.

Wethered rams can serve a beginning hobby farmer with a lot of opportunities to learn how to care and handle the sheep. Essentially get your feet wet.

Many individuals even a seasoned farmer will buy a wether to manage the invasive weeds and unwanted plants that create issues on their property. This has been a great help to us.

How many do you need? 2 they are flock animals they need company so expect to buy 2 not unless you already have a goat or sheep then you’ll be fine. However, if you don’t, and you just don’t want to spend the extra money on a second you will definitely pay a bigger price. They will not stop bleating and they will become very stressed this can cause illness brought on by anxiety or perhaps even die.

Cost per ram: $150.00

Contact: Gabriella Reid @ 864-437-9343

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