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Socializing Your Puppy

Merrian-Webster Dictionary: noun: “Exposure of a young domestic animal (such as a kitten or puppy) to a variety of people, animals, and situations to minimize fear and aggression and promote friendliness.”

What I Do: “We nurture the puppies by holding them, caring for their needs, and allowing the puppies to build a bond between their mother, and one another.”

Note: I will briefly list the reasons why, I don’t allow my own puppies before 12 weeks of age to interact with strange dogs, and people.

0-1 week: Puppies when born do not have an immune system that is developed enough to fight off diseases, they depend on mum. For the first 24-48 hours her milk is full of antibodies and this is crucial for their survival to take in this rich milk. Plus, mom is licking their back-ends to stimulate their rectal area to encourage the muscles to move their bowels. Once puppies begin to poo, mum is their ready to bathe her puppies with her tongue to ensure their backends don’t get clogged. I’ve seen this (clogging) in farm animals, and it can kill the young lamb/goat etc.

2-3 weeks: Their eyes and ears begin to open, and they are still drinking their mother’s milk, and depending on her for their needs.  They’re beginning to wobble around, and “play.”

4-5 weeks: They begin eating mushy foods and I start transitioning them to more solid foods. Their teeth are beginning to make mum uncomfortable.

6-8 weeks: They will receive their first vaccinations from our licensed vet, to assist in fighting off common puppy diseases that can compromise their immune system.  I’m not a huge fan of vaccines but at times at least for puppies, I do find that this is essential for a healthier puppy.  My job as a breeder is to make sure my clients receive the healthiest of puppies.

Your part in socializing your new puppy: This will begin immediately when you pick up your puppy. Bonding- will begin when driving home with her/him. Take it slowly keep in mind that the puppy has been amongst his own (family) with familiar smells and faces in our home. Before you thrust him into his new environment; First, allow the puppy to develop a relationship with you and your household. Be patient.

First and Foremost: Your family's relationship with puppy is extremely important so don't rush to introduce your new puppy to other enviroment(s) and strangers, before puppy is ready.

🐾 Always- making sure to build a bond between you and puppy first, and then the rest will follow.

Happy Puppy Tails 🐾

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